Are you a big enough leader? Infographic

Your Leadership Development happens on 3 levels. All require a slightly different approach The organization and environment in which you are leading; Your values, habits, and behavior as a leader working with others; How others respond to you when you exercise your leadership role. A question to consider when reflecting on your leadership – Are … Continued

Smart guy but a total A-hole How do people like this get promoted?

As a management team distinguishing between being strong, firm managers and a marginal authoritarian tyrant is a necessary requirement. Often we misattribute yelling and being a go-getter as desirable behaviors for management. This leads to bullying behavior and negative impact on the organizations productivity and peoples’ desire to do great work and stay with the company.

Falling from Big Enough to Too Small in competence for the role

The most frightening thing about having a manager that is “Too small” and creates under-performance and dis-engagement is the gradual reduction in level of competence of the subordinate team, which creates broad departmental under-performance and increased dis-engagement. The department begins to sink in scale, matching the competence of its manager.

You cannot teach a tadpole to be a frog by giving it jumping lessons

Few companies know to deal with hiring and promotion mistakes and they repeat them, knowing that they are creating failure and organizational chaos.
Unfortunately the employee, that is now in the role that they cannot adequately fill, is usually punished by termination or sent to training.
You cannot teach a tadpole to be a frog by giving it jumping lessons.
People cannot be taught, coached, developed and/or trained to work at a level of complexity above what they are capable of doing.

How can we avoid poor team performance?

Two favorite images illustrating the need for Managerial-Leadership and Team Development systems to be used within companies. Great teams and managerial-leaders happen on purpose.

Can you change an asshole employees behavior?

People are NOT psychologically damaged, either is your manager or you. The behaviors you are seeing come from a seriously flawed Organizational & Management System. Determine how your team and/or you can improve what you can and make the system function. OR maybe they are really f-ed up in the head!?

Can you OR should you try to change an asshole employees behavior?

Before the Promotion He Was Nice and Had Potential

Time and time again people within the team are promoted up the hierarchy before they are ready. They are promoted with the belief that “they have potential” or “they are smart and will mature into the position” or “she has been here so long, and no-one knows this department as well as her, she will figure it out” plus many other nonsensical reasons.

Why do you still continue to believe this? The system is broken…and it is your responsibility to fix it.

Reverse Peter Principle: within a hierarchy tasks tend to be delegated until they have descended to the employees level of incompetence

Meaning that mangers who delegate tasks that they themselves should be completing, are passing the task along the hierarchy until it cannot be completed by the person in the last pass off of the delegation. Causing important goals (that are aligned with the tasks) to be completed poorly if at all. Then the management scape-goats the employee because, it was delegated to them.

The complexity of the task must fit the level of work.