What if the people engaged strategic planning are wrong?

Involving people in the plan will ensure greater buy-in and successful implementation. Sharing neccessary information will keep the plan within the guidelines established. Treat people like adults and if they are wrong, the plan can quickly be adjusted and everyone learns from the challenge.

Strategic Planning and Team Building University at Buffalo New York

The outcomes from our Strategic Planning Time:
Develop thematic goals for the next 5 years;
Team building with the staff and faculty;
Create a shared history on successes and what got us to where we are;
Co-create a shared future and action steps to get to future goals

NOISE Analysis: An Alternative to SWOT

The NOISE analysis is an alternative to SWOT. NOISE is a planning technique of looking at what is working and determining areas to improve.

When Planning Goes Bad!

Planning is toted as one of the most important things that Teams and Managers do and I still see many people who really suck at it! Why?
Because they are poorly constructed and STOP at Goal Setting.

Planning Nothing Magical Just Your Work

Within all parts of your work YOUR knowledge and thinking must be part of the plan. No technology or rote process can give you the “correct” plan – BUT a solid process for planning can guide you to the best plan for your team and you.

A plan is a judgment about the best way to go about achieving an intended goal

How Far Can You Plan Into the Future?

All goals are time driven – whether we announce the time-frame or not ALL GOALS ARE TIME DRIVEN. As a Manager setting goals “What-by-When” is how you add value to those who work with you. As an employee completing goals “What-by-When” and setting goals for ourselves are what adds value to those who work with us. Determining your own & others time-span to complete a goal will make your work more fulfilling and innovative.

Photo Inquiry Friday: We Can Never Accomplish All That!

  Planning: Break goals into immediate actionable tasks; Meaning explain exactly what you want done. What do you want to happen? Where are you right now? Where would you be in order to say you have achieved success? Is that realistic? Where are you right now? What will things be like (tangible, seeable, real) if … Continued

Why plan & develop talent when the world is going to end?

How many people, teams, companies have this thinking? and are counting down to some made up lacking critical thinking end state.
Perhaps not 2012 and conspiracy theories; yet just as strong folkloric constructs. False stories that become perceived as the truth because no one has critically explored and challenged the foundation upon which the story is built. Then people “research” and continue to find and reinforce their belief.