Solution-Focused Resolution setting for better work

I’m not one for setting grand resolutions for the new year and still I persist in planning and developing goals for my future and the future of Create-Learning.

Believing that we are goal-directed and that is what drives self-directed and engaged people in life and work, and that only you can know your path and personal capacity to achieve and manage the complexity of your work / life.

I figured using SOLVED Solution-Finding Method may frame your thinking for setting some resolutions for your organizations, teams and personal future.


  • What would you like to have happen over this next year for you to find value in your time?
  • How did you come to know that you desire some change in what you are already doing?
  • When you think about last year, when do you recognize the changes you want to see this year?


  • You described the situation, what would your close friend say if you described this resolution to them? How about your manager? Significant other? Mother? Someone you just met at the bar?
  • Pretend that there is a camera on you 24 hours a day and you are in a reality TV show; what would the editors use to show the audience that you are making progress / steps towards your resolution?
  • If you started this resolution tomorrow, what would be different about your daily routine? Who would be the first to notice?


  • On a scale of 0 to 10 with 10 being achievable with little effort and 0 being the opposite of that; where are you as of today?
  • What are you already doing that is proving to you, that you are at that number on the scale?
  • On that same scale what does 1 step higher (towards 10) look like? describe what makes it more achievable with little effort.


  • What have you accomplished (no matter how small and large) this year you are proud of?
  • What did you do to make make happen? What else? What else?
  • In what ways did you determine the resolutions for this year? How did you determine what is important and not important?


  • Knowing how you determined what to focus on this year, did you see any early start to those resolutions last year? Perhaps even just an idea or passing thought? Describe how that happened and what you were doing when those ideas happened.
  • Looking at progress you have already made, how did you manage that?
  • With this resolution, what is the smallest recognition of progress you can think of?

Decisions & Direction

  • You have gotten this far, what is your next step?
  • How will you know that you have made progress on that step?
  • What will you do to acknowledge this progress?


Share your goals and resolution for the new year!



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