6 Steps to Turn a Problem Into a Solution

Often when we encounter a problem we think we need to discover the “why”. We need to dig and chase and determine just “why we have this problem?”
Chasing the why does not create a solution
Here are 6 steps to turn a problem into a solutions.

Leveraging diversity to find what works and amplify it

I’m giving this talk / workshop in Atlanta Georgia. The client is looking for some academic & pragmatic ways to gather a wide variety of ideas, then create ways to implement the ideas. They are trying to shift the default mode of problem solving away from people who are senior or tenured within the organization.

Trust from shared vulnerability not gullability

Organizations and people are not gullible because they believe statements that appeal to them or really would like a way to make sense of a complex interactional workplace. The experiment shows that 84% of us have shared concerns, beliefs, needs, and areas where we feel weakness but do not think that others share these challenges.

Finding Solutions Through Exceptions – Skeleton Keys

Working to be observant of times the complaint is not happening. No complaint is extreme at all times. The belief is that you know & may be overlooking or ignoring times when things are working. Exceptions frequently go unnoticed & the situation plus actions that made a difference are overlooked because they seem too small or slow.

Finding Solutions Through Tasks–Skeleton Keys

Direct Task Assignment: A recommendation for the person to complete a specific task and be thoughtful, so they can tell you in detail, what was useful and what change occurred from that task.

What makes a team building activity useful?

I like using activities for Team Building and Leadership Development.
Sometimes wondering if they are the best tool to use at the time and what else could be used to get the message and development across?