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Finding Solutions with Minimal Change–Skeleton Keys

Minimal Change: Working together to create, notice, identify, assist in making the slightest change in the persons actions and perception. Once minimal change happens it may be the crack in the wall to create more change.

Finding Solutions Through New Expectations–Skeleton Keys

New Expectations: With a Dire Predication of the Future & Utopian Expectations the current view of a solution may be steeped within a resistance loop. Perhaps, co-creating a slightly different expectation of what works may cause change to break a pattern.

Finding Solutions Through Exceptions – Skeleton Keys

Working to be observant of times the complaint is not happening. No complaint is extreme at all times. The belief is that you know & may be overlooking or ignoring times when things are working. Exceptions frequently go unnoticed & the situation plus actions that made a difference are overlooked because they seem too small or slow.

Transforming Complaints Toward Solutions

Most of the management and employee coaching problems that are work related can be solved through Solution-Focused (SF) coaching. As you continue to practice the SF tools you may realize that we all view situations in different ways. This difference can be powerful and helpful.

Miracle Question with Corporate Teams

At the end of day 3 we were all losing patience and we felt it was hopeless…so I tried the following version of the Miracle Question.