Team Building Agenda Template: Campus Living Staff

I haven’t shared a Team Building Agenda posts in a while. Below is a program created for ~50 Campus Living College Staff, varying from Executive Directors to Managers to Student Life Staff.

Student Government Team Building & Leadership w/ The College at Brockport

Spent the day with the great Brockport Student Government, Near Rochester NY. The day was wonderful, the teambuilding and leadership processing took place in the sunshine! Enhancing and creating processes to openly communicate and increase engagement of the students and faculty at Brockport. Below are some photos of our time together. To see more photos … Continued

Hanging on the High Ropes Course

Working with a group on Leadership and team building. Part of the process is taking the group to a High Ropes Course to explore individual challenges.
Create-Learning leads team building & leadership programs with many High Ropes and Low Ropes courses.