Psychological Safety is Team Building

The team leader is accountable for establishing comfort with the work and team members. They can establish this early by setting the following conditions for team members to feel comfort in the work and reciprocal helping relationship of the team.

3 Reasons Your Team Behaves Like Jerks

A team-member without a clear understanding of accountability and authority within the team will have to be skilled at either persuading, forcing or bullying other team-members into working along to accomplish the goals.

TeamWork requires different leadership goals

Routine team work may just need to get accomplished quickly & be done.
Innovative or complex team work may require learning & risk that creates variations from normal work routines.

Mike Cardus Team Building and Leadership in Kuwait

It was a great 2 days of consulting & team development, plus being in the Middle East was an amazing experience. The team leaders & managers of Zain Telecommunications impressed me with their knowledge, ability to find connections of the team building with their work, plus ability to laugh while taking themselves seriously.

Cooperation and Outward Spiraling Success Loops

The cooperation loop is a mindset of working to find cooperation…any size large and small and develop practice of building from that cooperation.
I argue that it works way better than the resistance loop and the results are greater for everyone.

Forget about Positive Thinking it is time for Positive Action Application to Team Building

Having a team in a new environment or working in a familiar environment in a new way, involved in team building activities and discussions. Will cause the team to behave As-If they are a team and the positive sides of team work will emerge. Evidenced through processing of having shared goals, systems-of-communication, people laughing, ideas being listened too and considered, etc…

Are people punished for doing their work well?

Consistently I find that those that are seen as high-performers get more work. They come to be resentful of the extra work so they slow down their rate of production or lessen the quality of their work or stop trying so hard or fall into victimhood or seek to transfer out of the company all together.