Create-Learning Team Building Leadership Mike Cardus

Having coffee with a friend who manages a large manufacturing operation, he is frustrated at the lack of desire for people to learn and improve.

He wants a way to enforce development.
Reminded him
  1. People can only do their best.
  2. It’s his job to create a trust-attracting environment for best to happen.
  3. If you want to solve someone’s problem more than they want to solve it, you are enlarging the problem for both of you.
  4. Look for exceptions, people who are attending the learning & development. What is different about their work? How are they able to find time to apply the development? What is the relationship like with their direct manager?
  5. What would happen if you stopped mandating training & made it optional?
  6. Investigate the coaching & value add of the direct manager of the person attending the learning & development.
Most people will ask for training because they think that’s what’s needed.

You can enforce attendance, and you cannot enforce learning and application, that has to be a part of the company.