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High performance teams have known methods and procedures. They also have effective meetings that are managed by the Team-Leader.  Below is one of the checklists from ‘Quality Tools for Quality Teams’.

This is meant to be used during the meeting, you should have already chosen the team members, sent out an agenda for the meeting, and developed some goals/tasks to be accomplished.

Additionally as the Team-Leader decided what type of meeting this is going to be, and properly informed the team-members in the agenda.

Some of the items below may seem like common sense… good.
  • Are you following the steps?
  • Does the team know the method and process being used for the meeting.

Developing these items will open-up the discussions and innovation to move your team and you forward.

Checklist for Running a Team Meeting

Before the Team Meeting Starts:

  • Post agenda on a flipchart where
    people can refer to it during the
  • Use the agenda to keep the group focused and to create a single, agreed-upon record.
  • Create a “parking-lot” for discussion items that come up that are not on the agenda.

Work-through each agenda item:

  • Decision reached & agreed upon
  • Delegate for further research
  • Place on next meeting agenda
  • Remove issue from the agenda

Keep a record of:

  • Key points covered
  • Decisions made
  • Action items
  • Persons responsible for each action item
  • Completion date for actions

Flipchart tips:

  • Use the speaker’s own words
  • Write legibly
  • Summarize long ideas
  • Number and post the pages

Evaluate the meeting:

  • Each person comment on the value of
    the meeting (pluses & deltas)
  • Each person suggest how the next meeting might be improved


Following-up After the Team Meeting

Create and distribute a short written record that includes:

  • Meeting date, purpose, attendees
  • Key points covered
  • Decisions made
  • Action items
  • Persons responsible for each action item
  • Completion date for action
  • Identify how to incorporate participant feedback on how to improve the next meeting then do it.


What do you think?

In what ways is the above checklist similar to what you do? How is it different? Within your team how are meeting run? Does everyone know the method & procedure for the meetings? Do you have any examples of successful team meetings?