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Are leaders motivations different than others?

Are leaders motivations different than others? No, they are not. The term ‘leader’ is just another way of saying a person who is helpful in a situation when you need help. I had this discussion, in Buffalo NY, with a series of workshops focused on leadership, above is a picture of the chalkboard at the … Continued

Solution-Focused Team Building Activity

Solution-Focused team building is something that can be used to construct progress for your team. Below is an overview of solution-focused and the framework for the team building activity. I’ve used solution-focused coaching with management teams to share with the leadership a way to discuss strategy, progress, and regress in a manner that creates next … Continued

Personal Accountability to Change Within a Team

One problem I have with team building assessments is that most of the data gathering and evaluation questions are very passive. It seems as if team building is something that happens to people. As opposed to people being active players in their work life. Working with a Managing Partner in a law firm he shared … Continued

How to Create and Sustain Team Performance

Presentation slides from a team building session I facilitated with six nonprofit leadership teams. The objectives were to develop a team-based process to maintain the gains in infrastructure and team development, plus value propositions using data.

Corporate Team Building the what, so what, now what

Moving through the what, so what, now what process occurs with every team building day, the connections and learning from the day lose power and focus when people get back to work and return to their day to day tasks.

Accountable for Authority needed Others can help Others can hurt

Consulting on organization development often requires me to develop processes and tools to support people to understand better what they are accountable for, what authority is needed to complete what they are accountable for and how other can hurt and help them in completing the work.

Strategic Re-Focusing Planning Agenda

I was asked to guide a company and it’s board through a strategic re-focusing process. What is strategic re-focusing? I asked the same question.

Continuum Mapping Corporate Team Building

Dialog with a team on how they view a challenge, opportunity or space. Shared understanding of what a team accepts it must also reject some aspect. Understanding and dialog of how each person and the collective group views a challenge, opportunity or space.