How do I determine my values – Mike Cardus

Values, do you have them? Do they change? Do you determine them? Do they choose you? Do values matter

We talk about the company and personal values in company and coaching meetings. They often seem like some invisible hand guiding our actions. 

Values = those things an individual will prioritize or wants to do. Values are vectors that direct our actions. (Elliott Jaques)

Values are vectors or areas of focus that you put time and effort into. When you feel that your values and actions are not aligned or coherent, that may mean that you are wrong in what you value (self-deception) or you are choosing not to move in the direction of what you value (self-choice).

How do I determine my values? 

When you think about values being a co-constructed concept, values emerge from your interactions, others’ reactions, and your feeling about what is working and not working. Combined with what makes you feel that things are “right,” I like using a series of solution-focused questions to move your values from cloudy to clear(er).

  1. What are your best hopes? 
  2. What will your closest friend notice is different about you when you realize these hopes? 
  3. On a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 being you can describe your hopes and 1 being the opposite, where are you on this scale? 
  4. What is currently happening, that supports the # you chose? 
  5. In the past, how have you been successful in making tough choices? What is different about those times? 
  6. How are your hopes currently happening, even a little? 
  7. Can you share or describe your 2 to 3 hopes or areas of progress? 

Through the value questions, you and your team can find differences that matter, develop different values, and work together to promote the “good.” 

how do I determine my values