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At the core of of what has been called motivation is to value something. If we value something we will go after it.

Which is why step 1 in the ‘7 Steps to High Performance Teams’ is to determine why the person is here. Once you can work to determine what they value, and align the work to allow them to use their skilled-knowledge and work at their capacity, continually achieving what they value, while paid at a rate that is fair and equitable, everyone stays happy.

Values range from generic, such as our ideas of ethical treatment, fairness, honesty…to specific. Specific values are the things  the we will currently give priority to, seek to satisfy, spend our energy pursuing. The more intensely it is valued the more strongly will a goal be pursued. (Jaques 1994).

This is incredibly evident in management positions. Unfortunately in many organizations the path to a pay raise and perceived success is being promoted to Management.

This promotion to management (when the person does not value managing others) is a quick way to kill the creative individual contributors and force them to become uncreative managers.

Management has the team building and leaderhip coaching expert michael cardusnecessity of managing others, and if you don’t value delegating tasks, being accountable for others work, planning, having meetings, adding value to others work, having challenging conversations about underperformance, and the many other areas of management you will be miserable and pull the team and company down around you.

Values and management problems can be ameliorated by separating those who really value being managers and those who prefer to work as individual contributors.

Finding alternative paths for individual contributors, where they can be rewarded for their contributions and not necessarily be in a management position where they have to manager others, will increase the trust and great work of everyone.

What do you think?

In what ways do your values motivate the work you do? Have you ever seen or experienced for yourself, how a creative individual can be an uncreative manager when forced into a role that was not valued? As a manager do you value managing others?

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