Growth Mindset and Behavior Change

Video of 3-days of design thinking, team building and leadership work with over 200 SUNY Buffalo State College students. Growth Mindset and Taking Actions on Behavior Change: Students will reflect on current behaviors and gain feedback from others (extrospection) on which behaviors are helpful and hurtful to academic success. Students will articulate and develop a small action … Continued

Team Building Agenda Template: Campus Living Staff

I haven’t shared a Team Building Agenda posts in a while. Below is a program created for ~50 Campus Living College Staff, varying from Executive Directors to Managers to Student Life Staff.

Leadership Development Program Planning

What you see is the outline for a 5 month Emerging Leadership Program that I am creating and facilitating for about 30 students enrolled in a Local College. This challenge was unique, the Deans I am meeting with wanted “Something different than the typical Leadership program.”

Team Building Leadership w/ Nazareth College

I had the pleasure of working with Creative Themes facilitating a team building and leadership program with Nazareth College in Rochester NY. The college brought all the Resident Advisors and Directors to Creative Themes Day Camp for a great day of Team Development

Campus Leadership Development & Programming for Canisius College Staff.

Photos from a 6 hour Train-The-Trainer workshop with Canisius College’s Campus Programming & Leadership Development Staff. Our time together consisted of discussions and simulations that resulted in; Content knowledge of experiential learning cycles and other existing experiential models for learning. Sequencing of content and simulations within leadership programs 5 leadership simulations that can be used … Continued

Student Government Team Building & Leadership w/ The College at Brockport

Spent the day with the great Brockport Student Government, Near Rochester NY. The day was wonderful, the teambuilding and leadership processing took place in the sunshine! Enhancing and creating processes to openly communicate and increase engagement of the students and faculty at Brockport. Below are some photos of our time together. To see more photos … Continued

Orientation Program Leadership and Team Building for incoming students

This orientation program can be customized for Incoming Students and Outgoing students alike. Additionally this orientation program is customizable for all educational institutions – Universities, Colleges, High School, Middle School, etc… Program Overview: This student orientation program is a full day (4 – 6 hour) student orientation program. The program includes a portable ropes course … Continued