Make Failure and Learning an Objective Resistance to Change

If the culture of the company is Failure Is Unacceptable and people that fail will be punished…It is nearly impossible for people to change to a new way of doing things. Every time a change is expected, temporary incompetence happens.

4 Minimum Authorities that Every Manager Must Have if we are to Hold Them Accountable

If we are to hold a manager accountable for managing staff, they must have accountability and the necessary authority to exercise their judgment over their team. Otherwise you are handicapping their work and forcing them to feel unaccountable because they have no authority to do their work.

Systems-Drive-Behaviors putting a manager into a system that forces them to be accountable, when you do not give them any authority over their work only leads to frustration, burnout, negative behaviors and poor quality work.

Team Building and Leadership Development with MBA Students

This program provided me with a new perspective on leadership and communication. The facilitators really challenged us to think creatively, to work together to solve complicated problems using new methods, and most importantly, to reflect on how to positively change our tactics individually in order to become more effective leaders and communicators.

What if we could not teach leadership?

Think about it…what if Teaching Leadership did not exist.
It would require More Than Words. More than words to show you feel that your [leadership] is real ( who doesn’t love a Mr. Big Reference? )

7 Principles of Leadership Development The Chief Executive

If you are in the top strategic managerial-leader role in an organization, you own the problem of selecting and developing the business leaders it needs, not just for today but also for tomorrow. You can share it with others and delegate certain aspects to others, but you are accountable.

Quality Team and Leadership Development

Systems-drive-behavior and there is no special ‘leadership personality’ … Within any team when someone is great at their role people see them as a leader.
Competence = Comfort = Observed Leadership Behaviors