How to be a better leader

A leadership development process that moves you from guessing how to succeed to a process that shows your success through your effort and skilled-knowledge.

Team Leaders Responsibility in Team Building

When the management team documented the responsibility they could compare that to the authority of team leaders and we changed how the work got done, leading to people working differently.

Leadership is choices

Teams consist of people working together towards a goal that 1 person cannot complete by themselves. Thinking of a team as a system, changing 1 part (person) in that system will affect the team as a whole.

Companies Create the Environment for Leadership Development

Be slow and Process Focused developing leaders.
Developing an environment of Trust Attracting Behaviors will allow everyone to be a leader & rise to their level of capacity within the work. Slowing down will speed up the acceptance & rate of development for the entire company – improving the work, in turn improving the organization.

Finding Solutions Through Exceptions – Skeleton Keys

Working to be observant of times the complaint is not happening. No complaint is extreme at all times. The belief is that you know & may be overlooking or ignoring times when things are working. Exceptions frequently go unnoticed & the situation plus actions that made a difference are overlooked because they seem too small or slow.

What makes a team building activity useful?

I like using activities for Team Building and Leadership Development.
Sometimes wondering if they are the best tool to use at the time and what else could be used to get the message and development across?