Complexity and Quality: Using the most appropriate problem-solving process

I shared some learning on problem-solving and complexity vs ordered change with the Buffalo ASQ Chapter. Effective leaders understand that problem solving is not a “one-size-fits-all” process. They know that their actions depend on the situation, and they make better decisions by adapting their approach to changing circumstances. How do you know which approach you … Continued

Innovation from personal mastery

At any given moment all of us, whether in work, personal relationships, or anywhere else in life, are Rote Copying, Surface Understanding, and Personally Mastering many things and many times at many levels.

Problem Solving Stop the why

The ‘5 Whys’ can be useful. Identifying the possible root cause can get things started…the next logical step to create a solutions bank.
I have found that it is easier and people on the team move with greater enthusiasm and collaboration when you ‘Start With What’ and determine the solution in the first step.

How do we fix a morale problem?

Because of this new knowledge of customers, systems, and steps for improvement, the company and people made improvements on problems that existed for decades. This progress and shared purpose led to excitement, more progress, and pride in their work … causing the morale problem to dissipate.

Long Term Implementation of Quality Teams Within Organizations

Slides from a workshop and consultation program on creating an organizational culture that focuses on quality improvement and quality teams.
Whether you use Lean Six Sigma within your organization or not, this content will prove valuable to you

Quality Team and Leadership Development

Systems-drive-behavior and there is no special ‘leadership personality’ … Within any team when someone is great at their role people see them as a leader.
Competence = Comfort = Observed Leadership Behaviors

3 Ways to Handle Conflict on Teams

All teams have conflict.
Team conflict can be a positive thing, if it is able to move the team forward. Team conflict can be a negative thing, if it holds the team back.

When conflict happens, deciding whether to Deal With It; Give In; or Hold Out; is a choice that you must make.