Process to gather what is and is not working within the organization

Within organization development the more straightforward and understandable the tool or process the more likely it will make a difference. This simpler the tool the greater the requirement of the consultant or expert to suppress themselves and expertise. When you remove the translator (the expert) from the results and ask people to gather narrative data … Continued

8 Uncommon Strategic Planning Steps

Meeting with a client, I shared that we will take an uncommon strategic planning approach. They seemed relaxed and concerned at the same time. The uncommon strategic planning idea is to build the system for identification of weak signals for progress and regress that re-focuses the strategy. You cannot plan for strategy. You can plan how … Continued

Ignoring strategy for the sake of planning is a choice

Ignoring strategy for the sake of planning is a choice, just as much as changing your plan as new strategies become apparent is a choice. One choice will change how the work gets done, and the other will keep it the same.

Strategic Re-Focusing Planning Agenda

I was asked to guide a company and it’s board through a strategic re-focusing process. What is strategic re-focusing? I asked the same question.

Strategic Planning More than SWOT’ing at hopes

There is nothing wrong with just doing a SWOT… The concern is that without some of the above information you are making strategy based upon limited knowledge and understanding. With limited knowledge and understanding you may miss or not be able to capture opportunities when they present themselves.

Strategic Planning with Biel’s Document Management

Strategic Planning Objectives:
– Develop strategic plan for 2014+
– Gather ideas from key staff
– Refine ideas into actions steps and metrics
– Develop, update and refine plan through 2014