What if the people engaged strategic planning are wrong?

Involving people in the plan will ensure greater buy-in and successful implementation. Sharing neccessary information will keep the plan within the guidelines established. Treat people like adults and if they are wrong, the plan can quickly be adjusted and everyone learns from the challenge.

Strategic Planning Agenda

Strategic planning workshop. Following the strategic planning meeting there was 4 follow-up meetings to refine the plan and document action steps.

Strategic Planning and Team Building University at Buffalo New York

The outcomes from our Strategic Planning Time:
Develop thematic goals for the next 5 years;
Team building with the staff and faculty;
Create a shared history on successes and what got us to where we are;
Co-create a shared future and action steps to get to future goals

Photo Inquiry Friday Strategic Planning Questions

Planning requires people in companies to make their best guess on what to focus on and what not to focus on. Often we get lost is a sea of abstraction and big bold statement like: Increase Communication, Better Team Work, More Profits, Innovate Product and Service Lines … then get frustrated when next year the … Continued

The NOISE Analysis: An Alternative to SWOT Strategic Planning

When planning determining what we want to have happen and understanding the road-blocks are necessary. Developing knowledge plus skills to navigate the plan, allows us to choose focus points and what to eliminate. The NOISE analysis is a planning technique of looking at what is working good enough and determining areas to improve upon. It gives us a format to explore opportunities and exceptions that we may know about or be missing and determine if they are a needed part of the plan for our future. When we understand the NOISE conditions, we can create a path towards the future that allows the company or team or project to flourish.

Photo Inquiry Friday What are you accountable for?

What are you accountable for? How can others help you in accomplishing your accountability?
Sounds easy right? Try it, then when you think you have the answer randomly ask 5 people who work in your department the same question. My guess is you will not find many responses that are the same. And that is frustrating for everyone.

Planning Can be Great

End of the year and my calendar is filling with Strategic Planning Facilitation and meetings. Where Managers, Employees, Team-Members, Entire Companies trap people in a room and look back at the magic that was last year and project the WOW! of the up-coming year.

LawNY Team Building & Leadership Program

Recently I had to honor to serve LawNY – Legal Assistance of Western New York. An amazing non-profit legal services organization that has seven offices and serves 14 counties.