Peter Jarvis on experiential learning

As a manager, have you ever sent someone to a training or a series of workshops, and then you noticed no too little change from the person afterward? 

I often get requests for support in leadership, team development, and general management concepts and ideas.

Below is the standard email or word document I send along with the training or workshop suggestion. 

I guess very few go through the questions and talk with the person who wishes to take the training or attend the workshop, and when I share, I hope that the manager thinks and rethinks about how to be helpful and a good person. 

Possible support 

For learning and development to last with a person or a department, the connection of lessons learned and the work needs to be explicit. Often support from a manager to connect the expected learning and behavior change to the job and areas of need will expedite the employee’s learning and change in behavior.

Suggested Steps: 

NOTE: Mike Cardus is happy to meet and support in any way possible. These are just some suggestions on how to support the learning within the department. 

Manager and person attending the workshop/training meet to discuss:

  • What evident challenges illustrate that this workshop/training will be helpful and effective?
    1. What have you noticed?
    2. How is it affecting the work?
    3. How is it affecting the work of others?

  • What do you hope happens from the person taking this workshop/training?
    1. What do you want to see changed or improved?
    2. How will you notice or measure this change or improvement?
    3. What can you do to support the person in making this change?

  • How often do you plan to check-in (follow up) and see what is learned and applied?
    1. What has the person learned?
    2. How are they using it?
    3. What are you noticing that is different and better?  
    4. How can you help?

  • Once the training is complete, have a follow-up and learning discussion.
    1. What will be directly applied to the work from this training?
    2. How will others and I notice a difference?
    3. Share any differences you are already noticing. What wider lessons did they pick up that might help the department or team?

  • Arrange meeting 15, 30, 45, 60 days post-training to follow-up
    1. What is still being applied?
    2. What are you noticing that is better or different?
    3. Is there more training or support needed?