What if the people engaged strategic planning are wrong?

Involving people in the plan will ensure greater buy-in and successful implementation. Sharing neccessary information will keep the plan within the guidelines established. Treat people like adults and if they are wrong, the plan can quickly be adjusted and everyone learns from the challenge.

8 Guidelines for Leadership Coaching and Team Building Activities

The guidelines align with team building & executive coaching activities. Illustrating through activities a team and person develop exceptions and see ‘what works’ in a context they’re not used too and is still familiar because they just made it happen.

Relevance Enneagram How to Motivate the Team? How can I Stay Motivated?

The areas of the work you find relevant, you will ascribe value to, and be motivated to do more of that stuff. The areas of the work you find to be irrelevant you may still do. And will eventually try to stop doing because they are of little value to you – causing unmotivation.

Make learning easier

Making the learning easier will be speed up change. Being observant of how people react to change and constantly looking for how they cooperate will amplify each persons motivation to change. The key to making this happen is by keeping the change and learning open to how people learn best.

Miracle Question with Corporate Teams

At the end of day 3 we were all losing patience and we felt it was hopeless…so I tried the following version of the Miracle Question.

4 Minimum Authorities that Every Manager Must Have if we are to Hold Them Accountable

If we are to hold a manager accountable for managing staff, they must have accountability and the necessary authority to exercise their judgment over their team. Otherwise you are handicapping their work and forcing them to feel unaccountable because they have no authority to do their work.

Systems-Drive-Behaviors putting a manager into a system that forces them to be accountable, when you do not give them any authority over their work only leads to frustration, burnout, negative behaviors and poor quality work.