Finding Solutions Through the Resolution of Guilt – Skeleton Keys

Our guilt and concern for what happened in the past may block progress to find a solution. The resolution of guilt Skeleton Key may be used to have the person determine what will be happening when this guilt is lessened or no longer exists. From this change in focus, new solutions may become evident.

What do I do when I don’t know what to do

I often find myself stuck or confused or unsure where to start or the next step to take or scared that the choices I make will impact others in a negative way or unsure of what to do with a particular person, team, challenge.

Finding Solutions Through Past Successes–Skeleton Keys

Past Successes: Asking the person / team to look into their past and identify successes. These successes may be work related and / or personal. By finding how, when, what happened, the steps that took place, and how they are in the present may help the person / team identify what worked in the past and use that knowledge in the present.

Finding Solutions by Doing More of the Problem – Skeleton Keys

Symptom Prescription: Asking the person / team to purposefully do more of the problem / complaint. This is done in the belief that by doing more of the complaint, purposefully, the person may do or notice something useful or break the pattern they feel they are stuck in.

Companies Create the Environment for Leadership Development

Be slow and Process Focused developing leaders.
Developing an environment of Trust Attracting Behaviors will allow everyone to be a leader & rise to their level of capacity within the work. Slowing down will speed up the acceptance & rate of development for the entire company – improving the work, in turn improving the organization.

Finding Solutions Through Tasks–Skeleton Keys

Direct Task Assignment: A recommendation for the person to complete a specific task and be thoughtful, so they can tell you in detail, what was useful and what change occurred from that task.

You do not need to be fixed

My arrogance & continuous belief that we can find, learn & develop a path to make things better AND find acceptance that you are successful in doing what you are doing. Focusing on flaws allows those flaws to take control, losing what makes you great. Building your flaws makes you mediocre & the flaws bigger.

3 Sources of Reward and Punishment on the Job

Most managers know how damaging KITA kick in the ass management can be. And, they had a tough time thinking of alternative ways to reinforce what people should be doing.