High Performance Teams Have a Team Coach

For teams to reach high performance many areas of support can be helpful. I’m leading a series of learning session on the role of a Team Coach.

Finding Solutions in a New Location–Skeleton Keys

New Location: We affiliate location with specific behaviors and roles. Our brain wants to make things simple by compartmentalizing what happens, how to act, how others may act within a location. This can be helpful / hurtful. Changing the location may be novel enough to change the discussion and therefore the behaviors and outcomes.

How can I get useful ideas through to management?

“These guidelines suggest what you can do when you’re a lonely little low-ranking, cubicle-inhabiting, systems-thinking petunia trying to introduce a new philosophy of leadership to those rooted in the onion patch of an obsolete managerial philosophy.”

8 Guidelines for Leadership Coaching and Team Building Activities

The guidelines align with team building & executive coaching activities. Illustrating through activities a team and person develop exceptions and see ‘what works’ in a context they’re not used too and is still familiar because they just made it happen.