Within Work Nothing Happens All The Time There Are Exceptions

It has happened to all of us, someone at work (your manager, coworker, subordinate, peer, vendor, customer, etc…) pisses you off and you go off an angry tirade about how resistant and uncooperative they are.
On and on and on.
While these statements may be true, they are not really useful in creating any solutions and changes to getting your work done.

Mentoring or Coaching

Mentoring vs. Coaching. Both functions are necessary in a successful organization and team. However often times both (mentoring, coaching) fail because no-one is accountable for doing it.

In order to maintain top talent; ALL LEADERS MUST mentor and coach. In order for work to be successful people have to continually move towards their potential capacity. This can only happen with mentoring and coaching.

Yearly Performance Reviews

“I hate doing these yearly performance evaluations”
“What is it you hate so much?”
“They are no-where near accurate and often times I feel forced to use recent information to determine employee performance.”
“What would be better?” His eyes starred at the ceiling and I could tell the thought was there.

Team Building & Leadership Process for a Retail Operation; New Product Launch

Team Building & Leadership process that was created for a retail organization that was preparing for a new product launch. The company promoted 5 internal sales, marketing, and existing staff to be “team leaders” of the new product. Create-Learning Team Building & Leadership was contracted for 8 months to facilitate, train & develop the team leaders, and build upon the existing skill sets of all the team members in the product launch.

Ramblings on Leadership & Schizophrenic Delegation

Focus on YOU as a team of YOU and not with direct reports and subordinates and managerial hierarchies that rely on you and force accountability.
Begin with your current knowledge and skill sets, explore your confidence in determining micro-steps (small action triggers and tasks) that are in-line with your macro-goals (larger goals within the time-span capability you are capable of based upon your mental processing.)

Make decisions & Solve Problems Within a Time Span…TeamBuilding & Leadership Process

Leadership team could benefit from increased trust and understanding perceptual awareness of themselves and others on the leadership team.

Concluding this process with;
Shared process and structure for leadership team to make decisions and solve problems within a time span.
Skill in active listening and communication to peers, supervisors and direct reports.
Co-creation of decision making methods for Leadership team to utilize in real-time. Leadership team will make a decision that is applicable to the organization at the time of our meeting.
Co-creation of team problem solving for Leadership team to utilize in real-time. Leadership team will solve a problem, develop an action plan & plan the step to a solution that is applicable to the organization at the time of our meeting.

Teams Where Choice is Innovation and Engagement

The concept of Self-Directed and Other-Directed is that self-directed people believe they have a choice and stay accountable for actions and projects. While other-directed people believe they have no options but to comply and take revenge on your company and act like a victim. When you ask a self-directed person to do a task, their … Continued